Wine Tasting Castelli Romani

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Including: Albano, Ariccia, Nemi, Castel Gandolfo and a local winery.

Take a day off from the traffic and the noise of the Eternal City and immerse yourself in the peaceful and picturesque 20171006_115912environs of Rome. Just about forty five drive, you will find yourself surrounded by gentle hills covered in woods, vineyards, vegetable gardens, orchards and olive trees. This region, to the southeast of Rome, has been known as the Castelli Romani since the Middle Ages. It has always been a popular retreat for the city’s inhabitants. Seventeen towns belong to the Castelli Romani area. Set inside the great Vulcano of Lazio, this region is without a doubt the most famous and heavily frequented getaways for the inhabitants of Rome, not only for its beautiful landscapes but also for its historical-cultural heritage, which includes ruins of Roman villas, Renaissance villas and villages and town. 

Perhaps the most famous town is Castel Gandolfo, where the summer residence of the Pope is located. it is beautifully built on top of a hill overlooking Lake Albano, the biggest of the two adjacent lakes. The whole area of the Castelli Romani is famous for the production of wine as well as fruits, vegetables and flowers, that is why you will enjoy a wine tasting to a local farmhouse and also local food.

Duration: 7 Hours/Driving Tour

Tour suitable for kids and family