Tivoli – Villa D’Este and its gardens

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Including Villa d'Este and its Gardens
Duration 4 hours/ Driving Tour
Tour not available on Mondays
Tour suitable for kids and family

If you are in Rome and you have never seen Villa d'Este, it's time that you did. It is worth a trip to Tivoli to discover this architectural treasure, because a stroll among the gardens and fountains of Villa d'Este is simply not to be missed. It is not by chance that Villa d'Este can boast the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an Italian Renaissance masterpiece that is still today an exceptional example of architecture and garden design.

Originally a Benedictine convent, it was converted into the Governor's Palace in the 13th century. In 1550, Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, son of Lucretia Borgia and grandson of Pope Alexander VI, was elected governor, he then began to renovate the villa and its gardens into something befitting his aspirations to the papacy.

A number of paths and steps lead down through the formal slopes to panoramas and fountains. The fountain of Rometta is a tribute to Rome, a water feature which incorporates recreations of the city's monuments; the Bicchierone fountain is a later addition by Bernini; the Ovato is an atmospheric fountain backed by a nymphaeum. Other highlights include the Fountain of the Dragons, a many-breasted sculpture of Diana, the long path of the Hundred Fountains and the massive cascade below the Water Organ, which periodically offers musical entertainment to visitors.